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Heritage Walk in George Town

25 students from Sri Arangiah Naidu Middle School were taken for a heritage walk in George Town to understand the history of the first settlement of Madras and the eclectic commercial endeavours that were undertaken by the British in Madras.

The format of the walk involved discussing the origins and history of the commercial establishments and their architectural features, in simplified terms. To ensure that the students grasped the information that was being provided, they were asked to sketch or note down their favourite aspects of the buildings. The students were asked to observe the features of the various buildings and understand how they contribute to determining their style.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to identify that the heritage buildings covered during the walk were of various styles of construction.

  • Ability to interpret the fact that different periods in history used different building materials for construction.

  • Understanding of the advantages of heritage buildings in terms of natural light and ventilation.

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