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Heritage Mapping of Chennai

The mapping project aims to understand the architectural history of the city, recognise the conservation efforts of the residents and communicate the need and significance of preserving and promoting culture and heritage.


As part of the study, we are mapping, inventorying, and documenting different heritage buildings in Mount Road, Royapettah, Mylapore at present. This has further been translated to create graphic representations in the form of maps displaying information ranging from the year of construction,
and building material to ownership and use. The graphic representation is a mechanism to communicate and engage with the public in a dynamic manner, so as to enable greater public participation in the heritage awareness and conservation processes at a later stage.


We further hope to engage in mapping using GIS technology and photogrammetry techniques, comprehensive inventorying of unprotected heritage buildings to create a heritage at risk register and developing several graphic representations of the data – in the form of publications, route maps, postcards and other souvenirs.

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