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Heritage Education

The vision of introducing Heritage Education at the school level stems from the need to broaden awareness about the state of heritage in the city and its preservation. It is vital to ensure that the students
comprehend the rich heritage of the city in all its capacity and develop the drive to conserve and preserve all forms of this heritage. Furthermore, integrating Heritage Education with the school curriculum will enable students to have a holistic understanding of the history, architecture and heritage of the city.

We have been working with government-aided schools in Chennai, taking heritage and history closer to the next generation and making concepts related to culture and preservation of interest to the students. The objective was to develop an integrated learning system for each student, so as to actively facilitate the right to access and enjoy heritage in all aspects of public policy and action. This was supplemented by applying a gender-responsive and accessibility-sensitised approach.

The model of engagement is long-term in nature and aims for the students to understand the meaning and interpretation of heritage, imbibe the importance of their role in the preservation of heritage and develop plans to initiate responsibility sharing within communities.

Our Work in Heritage Education

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