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Proposal for Heritage Signage in Chennai

Chennai has a number of historic precincts that are home to tangible and intangible heritage, a majority of which go unnoticed and are not celebrated. This built heritage needs adequate signage to educate the public about its history. Sensitively placed signage can respect the architecture of the building while enhancing the user experience and giving identity and recognition to the multitude of heritage in the area.

The vision behind Interpretive Historical Signage

  • Digital/ Analog signage will give identity and recognition to the historic, architectural, cultural and social heritage of an area.

  • It will highlight the significance of the heritage area/ precinct.

  • Navigation maps, shopping guides and heritage trail suggestions will help people explore an area.

  • Signage placed in front of heritage buildings and sites informs people of their historical significance and creates awareness about their value.

  • Ecological signage help identifies native species and facilitate their preservation.

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