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Idam, Kadhai, Kaalam - Madley Road

This project aims at improving the visual characteristics of the Heritage Block of Shasun Jain College in such a way that working on the proposed canvas tells a story to the people visiting the college as well as the passerby. With the construction of the proposed skywalk, this specific section of the facade will be in direct view of people using the skywalk, thereby creating interest and awareness.

The front facade of the heritage block, facing Madley Road, has interesting elements reflecting the Art Deco style of architecture. The Heritage Block has been designed in this style of architecture and carries some prominent features of the style. Moreover, the block provides the perfect canvas to speak about the values of the college and its journey.

The initial direction was to study the existing Art Deco elements present in the structure. The next step was to understand the logo of the college by breaking down its parts and developing independent elements that could be used to create art that is personal to the values of the college. The colour scheme has also been inspired by the logo of the college, with the addition of greys and blacks (in combination with the existing white of the building).

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