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By the Coast of Madras Ep. 01

The beach and the coast have long played a major role in influencing the socio-economic and architectural fabric of Chennai.

Join us on ‘By the Coast’, where we take a stroll along the coast, experience and understand the impact the sea and the shore have had on the planning, design and architecture of the buildings and structures that face the sea and occupy sites of significance in the city. Through the walk, we explore stories and incidents that have transformed the canvas alongside the coast into one exuding strength, power, and magnificence.


What Participants Say

The narrative is very well constructed. I especially appreciate taking us into some of the public buildings

It was quite surprising to know the history around the lighthouse and how it has shaped in the past few centuries. Gives a whole new perspective when I visit the beach again.

This was my first heritage walk and I absolutely loved it. I particularly liked Ashmitha's narration of the history of the place. And the fact that we got to spend time in each stop and understand the importance of it, that was really good.

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