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Western Classical Music Concert in Higginbothams

Madras Inherited organised a first-of-its-kind event and a step towards better engaging with the heritage of our city. Through a western classical music concert manifesting in a bookshop, we celebrated music and Madras beyond the confines of concert halls and sabhas. It was a magical evening as the 125-year-old Madras Musical Association serenaded the 175-year-old Higginbothams building.


Performing music in a public space such as Higginbothams is significant as it sheds light on the venue which is of heritage value, emphasizing Its potential and seeking out different ways of engaging with it and appreciating it. A concert in a public, informal space also makes music accessible and celebrates it, enabling the people to engage with both the music and the heritage building.


In addition, we had a short discussion about the ways in which people would like to better engage with the city’s heritage. We received some intriguing and thoughtful suggestions. We are working towards incorporating them in our areas of work and improving upon it by collaborating with other organisations working in the same field.

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