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Heritage Walk for School Children on Mount Road

Communities are known to galvanise around shared history. The stories about people’s neighbourhoods have the power to build their sense of belonging to it. That feeling of identity is at the core of our belief that heritage, culture and history are crucial to a city’s future by cultivating vibrant, inclusive environments.

As part of World Heritage Week in 2019, we had the opportunity to take the enthusiastic boys of the Government Muslim Higher Secondary School in Triplicane on a heritage walk on Mount Road. This is an area that is intertwined deeply with the city and is their neighbourhood; they’ve seen these buildings all their lives. Our aim was to make them feel proud of the heritage that they are growing up around. Educating them today about the layers of history in their area is a step towards making them sensitive to the conservation of heritage in the city tomorrow.

The D2 Police Station’s officers not only escorted the students along the walk but also became enthusiastic participants! The coming together of various stakeholders in our city is crucial for the cause of heritage conservation to garner support.

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