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Lost Histories Signage Project

The aim of this project was to utilise World Heritage Week as the stage and raise awareness about heritage structures in the city. The exercise was to focus on buildings that have been razed or are in urgent need of conservation measures and highlight the lack of conservation approaches towards heritage structures in the city.

The signage was designed to be placed in front of two categories of heritage structures - firstly, heritage buildings which have been razed and new structures that have taken their place. The signage was designed to raise awareness about the loss of heritage in the city and the disappearance of structures of historical significance. Secondly, heritage buildings which are in dire need of conservation. The signage was designed to provoke the passer-by into noticing the state of dereliction of the heritage structure and its historical significance.

The reactions of the public to the sudden appearance of signage in their neighbourhood were documented through photos as well as interviews. These were then converted into a social media campaign to reach a wider audience base and raise awareness about the lack of heritage conservation in the city.

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