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Shared Heritage Exhibition

At Madras Inherited, we are committed to making the people of Chennai engage with their heritage in all of its diverse forms. In this regard, we celebrated ‘World Heritage Week 2019’ through a lineup of events across the city. These included heritage walks for school children, activating heritage spaces with forms of art and theatre, etc.

We partnered with British Council to assimilate this work as an exhibition at their library. The ‘Shared Heritage’ exhibition displayed the end results of the outreach programmes that we had conducted. Through this process, we got to talk to many of the library’s patrons and visitors and gather their insights and thoughts on this theme

The aim of the exhibition was to raise awareness about the state of the heritage in the city. It was also to understand how people related to their own heritage and what it meant for them at a personal level. Through this exhibition, we also wanted to lay the path for other events that we will be conducting with British Council. This will focus on understanding different approaches and mediums through which people can engage with the heritage in the city.

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