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Kannagi Nagarin Kangal

Kannagi Nagarin Kanngal is an initiative that aims to document and celebrate Kannagi Nagar whilst creating a storytelling of the neighbourhood, in order to create a larger understanding than the general stereotype. This initiative was conducted in partnership with St+art India Foundation and Bhumi.

The aim was to collect information from the bottom-up, thereby creating a people-centred perspective of the locality. The data was collected through activity sheets specially designed to understand the standpoint of the people, both children and adults.

The initiative enabled us to achieve cultural storytelling of the area through the perception of the people and develop an in-depth understanding of the locality. It also enabled us to celebrate and document the area through a crowd-sourced database of perspectives, allowing us to capture the neglected narrative of the city and create a collective memory of the same. We are working towards building this narrative further into a holistic outreach project that focuses on various solutions and approaches towards better engagement and interaction with the community.

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