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Capturing Heritage Workshop

‘Capturing Heritage’ was an online workshop organised by Madras Inherited, with British Council as our supporting partner. It intended to provide the participants with an understanding of personal heritage and the process and techniques of documenting them.

The workshop was held in two separate groups, one for children and the other for adults. The session was split into two parts - one which covered the heritage aspect and the other which covered the photography aspect. The participants shared the origins of the historic object and the sentimental values that they share with it. During the photography part of the session, tips and techniques on how to capture quality photographs of these objects were shared. The participants were encouraged to share the photographs they’d taken, to be a part of a collective repository.

The workshop was accompanied by a social media project, where people shared artefacts, heirlooms, and items of historic value that have been passed down to them generation after generation.

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