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Heritage Walk in T Nagar

25 students from Kaveri High School were taken on a heritage walk in T Nagar to recognize the history associated with the commercial establishments in the area.

As the buildings on the route were not of architectural significance, the walk was focused on a more historical narrative. The general format of the walk involved providing a brief history of the origins of the establishment and then talking about its evolution over the years. To keep the children engaged and involved in the two-hour exercise, the students were asked to observe the various sign boards along the walk, draw them and note down the year of establishment on the sheets that they had been provided with.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the dates associated with the commercial establishments and their significance in relation to age.

  • Ability to identify the differences in the signboards, based on their design and material.

  • Ability to relate the history associated with the politics in the state to the present-day scenario.

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