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Neighbourhood Mapping Project

The workshop was aimed towards enabling the students to explore their neighbourhoods and document aspects and features that make up the fabric of the locality. This was supported by presentations on the history of Madras, the basics of sketching and photography.

The students were taken around their school in Saligramam and taught how to map a locality, following which activity sheets, that had the map of their individual localities, were distributed. The aim
of these sheets was for the students to discover, document, map and interpret cultural assets (natural and cultural environment, cultural trades, traditional knowledge and skills) in the area. The activity sheets also had questions about their neighbourhood and their learnings produced comprehensive responses.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Holistic understanding of the city’s history and heritage and the factors that have shaped its present form.

  • A heightened understanding of their area along with better acclimatisation.

  • Ability to read a map and locate landmarks.

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