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Houses of Mylapore

Come on a journey to discover the bygone eras of history, the eclectic paradigms of architecture, and the impressive built heritage of Mylapore, one of Chennai’s significant historic enclaves. Residential architecture in Mylapore presents a varied picture ranging from agraharams near the temples to Art Deco-style houses. Incorporating local and foreign influences, these houses speak volumes about indigenous materials, techniques, and planning.


Join us as we explore the history and architecture of the ancient settlement and unravel the layers of heritage that make Mylapore a vibrant historic precinct.


What Participants Say

The historical narrative that was told at the beginning of the talk which gives an important understanding of the place especially to non-locals

The stories in comparison with the heritage structure that we’re able to experience,understanding the history and significance of everyday places in the city I live in is a magical experience

Been a Chennaite, I never noticed there is so much around me. Thanks to you guys, I got to learn so much more about my city.

Walk Details

Focus: Architecture, History
Research Duration: 3 months 
(and, ongoing!)

Walk Duration: 2 hours
Timings: 06:30 am – 08:30 am
Starting Point: Rasi Silks, Mylapore
Ending Point: Rasi Silks, Mylapore

  • Understanding the history and architecture of the streets around the Kapaleeswarar Temple.

  • Exploring the varied influences, including Portuguese and Art Deco, on residential architecture.

 If you're interested in a Houses of Mylapore private heritage walk, click here

* Private walks are subject to the availability of the walk leader. Please confirm the walk date and time at least 7-15 days before the start date of the walk. We require adequate time to process permissions and logistics and confirm the selected walk route.

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