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We are super thrilled to be embarking on this collaboration and bring to you a series of postcards that captures some of the historic structures on Mount Road - with a twist!


FlippAR has launched Augmented Reality Postcards™, which adds technology to the postcards, wherein these postcards come “alive” with stories. Mount Road in Frames contains a bundle of 5 postcards, illustrating LIC, Higginbothams, Lawley Hall, P Orr & Sons, and The Mail. Each postcard can be scanned using the FlippAR app to reveal some interesting facts and titbits!

Grab yours now!

Mount Road in Frames - Set of Postcards

PriceFrom ₹50.00
  • Dimensions: 6 in. x 4 in.

    Paper: 300 GSM Textured Sheet

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