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Tracing the Skyline of Rajaji Salai

North Beach Road or Rajaji Salai is home to some of the most striking architectural masterpieces and fascinating histories that have played an integral role in shaping the Madras that we know today.


A walk down Rajaji Salai is a walk down history. In the heydays of the British conquest, this road was chosen to be the perfect canvas to exhibit the might and splendour of the conquerors. Establishments such as the General Post Office, the State Bank of India, and the HSBC Bank, to name a few, came to be painted on this canvas, welcoming sailors, merchants, and traders with a sight so majestic, that one can visualise it even today. Over decades it came to house other important spaces such as the Burma Bazaar and the Chennai Beach Railway Station and operates with a pulse unique to the road.


Join us as we walk down this impressive stretch and discover initiatives and stories that have transformed North Beach Road over time, and have contributed to its significant role in the commercial and architectural history of the city.


What Participants Say

The orator showing pictures of then and now scenes and also telling fascinating stories from the past worth listening to.

I really liked the manner in which each of the historical buildings were explained, especially with the use of pictures. I learnt a lot about the place because of the well-researched work of your team.

It was very thoughtfully organized, with a lot of context provided for each historical building we stopped at along the way. The souvenirs were also a lovely gesture. The walks are a really important and interesting way to re-forge one's relationship and perspective of this city. In that regard, I found the person who led the walk very informed, attentive and approachable.

Walk Details

Focus: History, Architecture
Research Duration: 3 months 
(and, ongoing!)

Walk Duration: 2 hours
Timings: 06:30 am – 08:30 am
Starting Point: Royapuram Corporation Park
Ending Point: General Post Office

  • The origins of the North Beach Road

  • Evolution of the harbour

  • Understanding the history and architecture behind the business houses of North Beach Road

  • Significant edifices such as:
    - Customs House
    - HSBC Bank

 If you're interested in a Tracing the Skyline of Rajaji Salai private heritage walk, click here

* Private walks are subject to the availability of the walk leader. Please confirm the walk date and time at least 7-15 days before the start date of the walk. We require adequate time to process permissions and logistics and confirm the selected walk route.

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