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Santhome: Lost and Found

The land of settlers and traders, merchants and middlemen, institutions, and industries, Santhome speaks of diverse stories; some forgotten, others immortalised through time.


Join us as we piece together the Santhome of the past that the modern city has meticulously taken apart. Come explore the land that once was - the forts, the port, the churches, and the castles that thrived, died, or have survived


What Participants Say

The stories in comparison with the heritage structure that we’re able to experience, understanding the history and significance of everyday places in the city I live in is a magical experience

The awareness over heritage buildings that are endangered or completely non existent which highlighted the importance of understanding and preserving history

The inclusion of visual maps and photographs which gave a better understanding of the history of the place.

Walk Details

Focus: History, Architecture
Research Duration: 3 months 
(and, ongoing!)

Walk Duration: 2 hours
Timings: 06:30 am – 08:30 am
Starting Point: Santhome Cathedral Basilica
Ending Point: Sangeetha Restaurant

  • Visit to places pertinent to the Portuguese Settlement, such as:

    • Santhome Cathedral

    • Residences inspired by Portuguese architecture

  • St. Rita’s Chapel

  • St. Thomas English Church

  • Streets named after eminent Portuguese

  • Residences of significance

 If you're interested in a Santhome: Lost and Found private heritage walk, click here

* Private walks are subject to the availability of the walk leader. Please confirm the walk date and time at least 7-15 days before the start date of the walk. We require adequate time to process permissions and logistics and confirm the selected walk route.

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